Our Mission

As an organization, American Contingency is fostering a network of people and teams who are prepared to respond and able to recover from difficult situations they, their families, or their communities may face.

To support this mission, the Headquarters Team focuses on providing structure, organization, and resources to the Members and Member Teams in the Network. Everyday we strive to:


Every day events around the world and around your neighborhood have the opportunity to significantly impact your life…and the media doesn’t really help. Seeing reports then having to constantly evaluate the accuracy and filter the influence is just exhausting. That’s why the American Contingency Information and Situational Awareness Team works 24-hours a day monitoring news and events, performing analysis, and bringing you daily updates. As you read the Daily SITREP you will get ‘just the facts’ supporting the professional analysis to highlight how this news may impact your day or your life. Get the news and weather you need to be prepared…without all the fluff!


A big portion of preparedness is finding the right equipment, resources, and supplies to be prepared for life’s next curve ball. Tracking down and testing all the possible solutions to those problems could easily be a full-time job so we are working to take that burden off your plate. Our team researches and tests products to find the very best available and offer them to our members as one-off purchases, subscriptions, or packages. You have enough to do preparing, let us do the research and homework for you!


Even the best equipment can’t help you if you don’t know how to use it and posses the basic skills for preparedness. That’s why we focus on creating or curating the very best training available. Each month we focus on one category of preparedness with content, hip-pocket training, and on-line and in-person courses. We want you to develop the capabilities necessary to be your own first responder!


No one can be an expert at all things. That’s why we put an emphasis on being part of a local team based on the 15-30-30 model; about 15 families within 30 miles or 30 minutes of each other. This ensures your “team” is small enough so that no one gets lost, there are enough members to have all the categories of preparedness covered, and everyone is close enough to help out when necessary. And through the American Contingency Members Only platform, we have the ability to connect with other members around the country to share tips, tricks, or just day-to-day life together. It really is the best of both worlds!

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