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Are you prepared for any contingency?

A weather emergency?

Out of town travel for work?

A public protest in a strange city?

Or anything else life can throw your way?




Now imagine facing those same things with an entire community supporting you.

American Contingency is a community that has your back.


American Contingency is a community of preparedness-minded people who help each other learn and grow and increase our skills.

These skill areas include:

  • Family preparedness
  • Food & Water
  • Health & Medical
  • Home & Homestead
  • Mindset
  • Mobility
  • Situational Awareness
  • Communications (including ham radio)

American Contingency was created by Mike Glover with a goal of providing preparedness-minded people a way to connect with each other to build stronger communities. That’s where our strength lies. Being able to meet a need in the middle of a hurricane to provide much-needed information and support to those affected. It’s also knowing that I can travel across the country and find several AmCon members in each state that I can trust to drop what they are doing to come and help if I needed it.


Listen to what our Members say…

“The biggest benefit to me with American Contingency is knowledge. I have access to a wealth of knowledge…” –Jolene

“The biggest benefit is community. In a word AmCon is preparedness.” –Lynn

“The biggest benefit I’ve gotten from American Contingency is relationships. I have deep, abiding relationships with individuals I otherwise would never have met…” –Robert

Imagine not being alone when…

  • In the path of a hurricane
  • Relocating across the country
  • Taking your family to a public event
  • Visiting family out of town
  • If your mother is isolated and needs help
  • If you have an emergency and need to travel immediately
  • A single parent vacationing with your kids

American Contingency was created just for you!


You might want to know:


Why a membership

American Contingency is a community based upon trust and built on commitment. There are two levels of membership. (You’ll see them when you select the Join AmCon button above.) The Premium Plus membership comes with additional benefits not included in the Premium plan.

Membership Resources

Membership in American Contingency has its benefits. Each day new content in one of nine topic areas is shared in your membership. You can join local, regional and subject matter Groups for specialized instruction, personal connections, and team building. 


We are constantly searching and sourcing the best products for your preparedness. We offer the best products, the best pricing, and the best training so you are not alone.  

 So What’s Your Next Move?

If you’re ready to be a part of the community of prepared Americans ready to face any contingency for less than the cost of a coffee and donut a month click on the button below…

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