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About Us

Mike Glover

How We Got Here

American Contingency was founded in the Summer of 2020, when many Americans became concerned about the direction the United States was heading.

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Where We Are Going

Our focus areas for 2024 are to expand our outreach to women and families, enhance the on-boarding experience for new members and build new chapters across the United States.

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American Contingency

Categories of Preparedness

There are many different facets to being prepared and the whole process can seem a bit overwhelming, so we’ve broken them down into 12 critical categories. We organize everything we do around these categories. Whether you are just getting started or looking for a way to ‘level up’ your readiness…we’ve got you covered!

handheld radios
first aid kit
fortifying an entrance door
woman gassing up a car
Food & Water
Income & Economics
woman strength training outside
Community Leadership
Group of people camping with a camp fire
Outdoor Skills
man at gas station, not paying attention to surroundings
Situational Awareness
self defense in the home
Home & Family
Fun Facts about American Contingency
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>$ 20,000
Disaster Relief Donated
American Contingency

Membership Levels

Your monthly subscription helps support the ongoing work necessary to keep you informed, equipped, trained and connected. For as little as 16 cents a day you can support our work and improve your preparedness!

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American Contingency

Latest Updates

Every day Members get news, weather, how-to’s and more to help them maintain awareness and plan accordingly. Here are a few recent examples of what you will see when you become a Member…

Grocery shopping

How to reduce your family’s grocery bill

The average U.S. household spends over $7,700 annually on food. Implementing cost-saving strategies can significantly reduce this expense. By carefully planning and adopting some new habits, you can reduce the …

Making a budget

Financial Uncertainty – How can we Prepare?

Without proper planning and financial management, it can be difficult to weather economic storms or take the necessary steps to prepare for emergencies. Here are three steps you can take …

Dollar fail

Preparing for Financial Meltdown

The manipulation of financial markets is beyond our control, but one thing we can do is plan for the practical impacts of a financial meltdown.

canned food

The Basics of Canning

Canning is a time-honored method that extends the shelf life of fresh foods from your garden, local market, or grocery store, allowing you to enjoy the bounty of one season …