Ten Ways to Stay Warm in a Power Outage

As we face winter storms with potential for power outages here’s another article from home repair expert @dennyg.

#1 look to alternative power sources to create a heat source.

A. If you have a wood burning fireplace now is the time to light a fire. If you have a gas fireplace, they usually have a manual way to light them as well as the electric ignition. It’s good to familiarize yourself with it before an emergency happens. The electric fireplaces can be wired with a manual igniter if it does not have one. Good to do in the summer when is warm.

B. If you were lucky enough to have a generator it’s time to fire it up. Generator should be outside of your home, and you can now run an extension cord back into your home to power some items to keep you warm. Good idea to prepare ahead of time a generator set up, and a plan for what you will plug in.

#2 Create a warm room. Find a room that is smaller and preferably no windows. Block off the windows by applying plastic and/or blankets over the windows and egress points.

#3 Put on a few layers of clothing. Start with a thin base layer. Mid layer should be something for warming you like a hoodie or a thick sweater and pants. Outer layers last such as a coat and maybe some snow pants. don’t forget a warm head covering. Most of the heat loss will leave your body out the top. And gloves for the hands of course.

#4 Keep your mind busy as to not think about the cold. Play a game or create tasks to do while to power is out.

#5 Within the first few hours of the power going out you can fill up small balloons, water bottles, or other items with hot water to create a warming device that you can hold under clothing. The heat will radiate for a while.

#6 On the same note while you still have hot water in the tank you can make some hot drinks. Coco or tea will warm the soul. If you have a working stove, you can then make hot drinks as well as food to warm you up.

#7 Light some candles. It will put out a little heat and you can also use it to warm water etc..

#8 Body heat works wonders. Get into a sleeping bag. Or snuggle up with your pet.

#9 Sit in your car. Do not do this while in your garage. Pull outside and sit in the warm running car.

#10 While the power is out it will be a great time to make note off all the things you can do to better prepare yourself for future outages

Original Authors: Denny G. & E. Mulford