Stop the Bleed Class Saves Member’s Life

Yesterday we briefly looked at the path of a Member from joining AmCon to becoming a contributing Member of the Network. Along the way, Groups become a trusted training resource. Groups carry most of the responsibility for local events. Today’s post underscores the necessity of those Group trainings.

Your Group (trust you’re a part of one or more) organizes training events to prepare for contingencies. In the video on Vehicle Preparations for a Road Trip, Mike mentions the importance of carrying “stop the bleed” equipment with you as you go.

Member, offered this amazing story this week. With his permission, we share it here.

“We may not be doing everything right here in [AMCON Group] but the stop the bleed classes we had earlier this spring saved Carl’s life Saturday.

Carl was cutting hay with a sickle cutter that ended up cutting 3” deep wound, nicking an artery in his leg. His girlfriend got his trauma kit out of the vehicle bag and Carl got the tourniquet on. The ER at our local hospital sent him in an ambulance up to Rapid City. The trauma Dr. asked him where he learned how to do what he did. He’d never seen a patient self care in that way. (I guess he just doesn’t know my friends very well!)

End of story, practice, stay current and review your gear on a regular basis. I’m glad my friend Carl is still with us. Tourniquets, pressure dressings and field dressings. Do you know where yours are??” Be prepared! Wish Carl a speedy recovery!”

Groups provide training information, help you source the necessary equipment, and provide the confidence needed to be willing to save your life or someone close to you. Take advantage of the resources of your group. The life you save…