Happy First Birthday AmCon

The Birthday video from Mike posted at the end of this article recapped the first year at AmCon. Without AmCon it was a year unlike any other. Thankfully in the midst of that AmCon was born. From a concept of Americans working together in community to where we are today is nothing short of amazing.

Speaking of amazing, check out some of the comments left on the video…

Mike thank you from the deepest part of my heart for being there to create this organization. I do not feel so alone any more dealing with these issues.

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The power of community dispels those feelings of facing situations alone. With this new site, we have a platform that makes building community easier.

I like the new platform, its easier to connect with people in my meatspace area than on locals without all the randos trying to use it like their own instagram. I look forward to continuing to connect with people all over the US and seein where everyting goes from here. =)

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Coming out of one of the most challenging years of our time helped to create an organization equipped to face whatever the future throws at us. Because we are stronger together.

The first year was a definite test of character for everyone. Having patience and fortitude to keep on track. Glad to see everyone in the new location.

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