Detroit, MI/ Dec 22 – 24 / 35 Metro-Detroit Freeway Shootings Since June 15th


  • 12/22 11:15 PM Michigan State Police are investigating a shooting which occurred at the top of the exit ramp from East Bound I-96 and Greenfield.  No injuries were reported but a Dodge SUV was struck.  The light-colored suspect vehicle, driven by a young black male, continued south on Greenfield.   No motive was given.
  • 12/24 4:00 AM Bullet-riddled white BMW found on I-696 near Southfield Rd.  Warren Police have stated that the vehicle was involved in a incident somewhere in their city…

There have been (at least) 35 reported freeway shootings since June 15th   The majority of the shootings have happened on I-96 and Southfield Freeway. 

  • Eleven attributed to road rage
  • Nine were parties that knew each other
  • Fifteen with unknown motives 





Exercise caution when driving Metro-Detroit freeways between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. on weekdays.  Yield right away no matter what.  De-escalate if possible.  Stay out of the leftmost lane (I can guarantee you someone wants to go faster ).  

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