Today – 28 August 2020 is the 57th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington.  In 1963 over 250,000 people showed up to march for Civil Rights.  In these recent times, the anniversary of this date has become even more significant and there are anniversary marches and events occurring all over the country and throughout the weekend. 

It is important to understand the significance of these marches. It is highly likely that there will be violent protests in many of the cities where these solidarity marches are occurring. Some of the big cities with reported solidarity marches this weekend (either for solidarity with Kenosha or solidarity with the March on Washington:

Washington DC. – this is the primary one (IVO the Lincoln monument and National Mall)

These are other known locations:

If you live or are travelling through major city centers this weekend- check to see if protests are scheduled. Be aware of curfews (many cities have established curfews where violence is a risk/expected – i.e. Raleigh NC).  Do not go where the protests are happening and avoid hotspots (i.e. federal, state, and police buildings or confederate monuments etc).  If you see a protest, AVOID it.

Also be aware that much of the police force will be out and focused on protests and riots so this may mean that opportunists are out committing crimes. Always be prepared and be ready to protect yourself and your families.

We will try to alert as many people as possible in cities where protest are expected. But just because a city isn’t posted doesn’t mean that something isn’t happening.

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