A Chinese medical researcher wanted for visa fraud was recently arrested by the US Marshalls and is being held in FBI custody. Under investigation by the US Government for additional suspicions of espionage, Juan Tang was seeking refuge in the Chinese Consulate of San Francisco. A former Air Force service member of the People’s Liberation Army, Juan Tang will attend trial on August 3rd alongside three other university researchers who also have an active duty history of conducting operations for the People’s Republic of China and may have been involved in acts of espionage on US soil as well.    

These three other members are the following: Chen Song, who performed medical research in Radiation Oncology at Stanford University; Xin Wang, who studied at the University of California and is a former Professor of Medicine while serving as a Chinese Army Major; and Kaikai Zhao, who studied artificial intelligence at the University of Indiana, after having served in the National University of Defense Technology located in Changsha, China.


08 JUNE 2020, Xin Wang was taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection LAX.

12 JUNE 2020, Xin Wang appeared before Judge Jacqueline Chooljian for detainment proceedings.

26 JUNE 2020, an arrest warrant was made for Juan Tang.

18 JULY 2020, Chen Song and Kaikai Zhao were taken into custody and are awaiting trial. 

23 JULY 2020, Juan Tang was believed to be seeking refuge in the Chinese Consulate of San Francisco.

30 JULY 2020, Juan Tang was taken into custody from the Chinese Consulate of San Francisco.

03 AUGUST 2020, all four detainees will begin legal proceedings.


Stories like these are often hidden behind the current domestic turmoil. As relations deteriorate between the US and China, more reports similar to this may come to light. If tensions escalate between the two countries, prepare accordingly both financially and with personal well-being in mind. 


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