Activists are conducting an aggressive online campaign to get speakers to show up to the Austin City Council meeting on Wednesday.

SITREP: The Austin City Council is voting on a police funding bill that would gut the department by 34%. However, activists are hoping to increase the cut to 50% with a goal of total abolition in four years. To that end, they have been enlisting as many leftist speakers as possible to address the council.

The city council is located at 301 W. 2nd Street Ste 1120 Austin, Texas, 78701. The hearing is scheduled to take place from 1000-1200.

RECOMMENDATION: Though this is a hearing, and not an official protest. Though, given how important defunding the police is to the left and the large amount of demonstrators and activists who are already in the area, it is highly likely that Antifa/BLM will stage some form of demonstration to coincide with the hearing.

The recommendation is to avoid the area surrounding the Austin City Council.

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