Seattle, WA / August 30, 2020 / 13:00 / Activists Planning Demonstration at Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill

SIGACTS/SITREP: Activists are no longer demonstrating at 13:00 on August 30 in Volunteer Park. Activists are instead planning to protest at the Space Needle in Lower Queen Anne at 13:00 and are also planning to gather at Tukwila Light Rail Station to protest at Tukwila City Hall from 14:00 to 18:00. 

RECOMMENDATION: Continue to use extreme caution in Capitol Hill, but also avoid Downtown Seattle, Lower Queen Anne, South Lake Union, and Southcenter Blvd in Tukwila on Sunday. Protestors know that their communications are being monitored and frequently change their plans at the last minute. Avoid the areas identified in this report, but also use caution throughout King County. Do not confront or engage with activists and promptly leave areas wherever demonstrations materialize. 


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