AmCon Core Values

Any organization or individual is driven by the things that they value. Since the beginning AmCon has shared the values:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Community
  • Not Alone

Core values are those things that if removed the organization would cease to exist OR it would fail to accomplish its mission.

It’s not enough to identify your core values they must be realized in every aspect of the organization. They impact the decisions you make. They create a filter for every communication. They build the culture of every group and every team. They are the internal guide for the Network as a whole.

Considering the five values listed above some clarification was needed. The final version of the AmCon values are refined to reflect clarity through contrast. In American culture the term “values” is thrown around without the necessary clarity to create buy-in. Given that fact, AmCon has provided clarity to our core values through contrast then with their opposite.

Trust over Fear – The foundation of every thriving community is trust. We choose to trust our fellow members rather than fear them and offer our trust first. By doing so we both earn trust with one another.

Respect over Contempt – We may not agree on everything and that’s okay. We commit to respect the views of our fellow members, even when we disagree with them and when we disagree, we do so in a respectful way. And if we can’t do so respectfully, we will keep our mouth closed (and fingers off the keyboard)!

Personal Responsibility over Blame – Every day we make choices, and our results and outcomes are dictated by those choices…not the whims of someone else. We take responsibility for our choices and own our results.

Community Involvement before Criticism – Constructive criticism is always helpful, but only after making an effort to contribute. By helping my community be better prepared, my risk during crisis is reduced.

You Are Not Alone – No member of American Contingency is alone! We are in this together and commit to supporting and assisting each other when necessary.


As a member of AmCon understand that these are our shared values. Look carefully at each while evaluating your interactions with the family internally and your community outwardly asking yourself if this is your practice.

Example: Respect over Contempt defined as “We may not agree on everything and that’s okay.” Ask yourself if that is true. Do you feel the need to correct others who don’t agree with you? Do you give them space realizing that what we have in common is far more important than the things that divide us?

Thom asked the AmCon leadership team to evaluate each of our roles at AmCon in the light of the Vision, Mission and Values. I found myself taking a deep dive in the values arena. I would encourage you to do the same thing. Use the example above to explore where you stand and how those values shape your interaction with your AmCon family.