ATLANTA, GEORGIA, Saturday, August 1st, 2020
The King Center, Atlanta 1500

SIGACTS: Organizers in Atlanta claim President Trump’s July 30th tweet to ‘delay the election’ is a ‘serious threat and escalation’ and are marching in opposition. This march is affiliated with who are responsible for coordinated riot and protest efforts across the United States. Recent tensions in Atlanta with the killing of Reyshard Brooks increase the potential for anti-police violence.

SITREP: is part of the greater anti-Trump movement and has organized protests and demonstrations across the country throughout the President’s term. The group’s states, “to drive out this fascist regime, we need to organize mass, nonviolent protest that does not stop until Trump and Pence are GONE” ( 

RECOMM: If traveling through downtown Atlanta, monitor local news sources and stay abreast of developments in the protest. During several of the last riots, protestors have taken to the interstate in an attempt to block it. Consider alternate routes if driving through Atlanta..


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