United States / October 26, 2020 / 0830 / ANTIFA Counter-intel (40 ways to fight fascists) 

SIGACTS/SITREP:  ANTIFA has provided guidance to their followers on “40 ways to fight fascists” revised as of August, 2020.  Since a fascist is defined as anyone who isn’t ANTIFA by ANTIFA this is relevant to all American citizens.

This is useful to understand how they are directing their members and gives food for thought on any vulnerabilities you may have that ANTIFA may be explicitly looking to exploit.  Examples:  #7. Make it difficult for far-right groups to meet,   #10. Expose fascists at home and at work,  #11. Deplatform fascism online,  #30. Don’t be outgunned etc.

SOURCES: https://www.americancontingency.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/40waysToFightFascists.online.2020.pdf