Portland, OR / October, 4 2020 / 1230 /  Antifa extremists in Portland may be planning something for Monday, October 12th.

SIGACTS/SITREP:  The anniversary of an unsolved murder of a Portland Antifa militant, Sean Kealiher is approaching.  Sean Kealiher was a particularly violent member of Antifa and advocated for the murder of police and civilians.  Antifa compatriots of Sean’s plan on commemorating him on the anniversary of his death, October 12th and have encouraged their comrades across the nation to “#lighttheskyforsean”.

RECOMMENDATION:  On Monday October, 12th through the evening it is advised to practice situational awareness throughout Portland.  It appears they are attempting to keep the details of their plan for October 12th under wraps.

SOURCES: https://twitter.com/tradishskinbyrd/status/1312604578026725377


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