Location: Tampa, Florida

Date/Time: 8/12/2020, approximately 11:30 pm

SIGACT: ANTIFA organizer calls for strategic improvements after failed protest in downtown Tampa, Florida.

Source: https://twitter.com/mufuhkajones

SITREP: A Twitter user with username FUCKTPD has released a series of anti-police videos on Twitter and claims he has led several protests against police. Screen captures display the name Jason Woodell (see insert). Name is not verified. User states that Tampa police are backing racists and he/his group need to evolve their tactics. Protest on 8/12/2020 in downtown turned violent as a result of clashes with counter protesters and police. 

RECOMMENDATION: Use caution if in downtown Tampa, Florida. Be aware of areas in which protesters may gather such as municipal buildings and places where political/social murals exist.

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