PROTEST ADVISORY: Antifa rioters in Austin are gathering supplies for prolonged, serious civil unrest. 

Antifa-affiliated social media accounts, specifically one known as “Peace in Austin,” are organizing “gear drives” to supply militants with vital equipment for riots. 

Specifically desired items are:

-nails and garden hoses for destroying vehicle tires

– chicken wire, trash cans, spray paint, and piping to construct shields

-duct tape, electric tape, wood, metal, and bolts for constructing barricades and hand-held weapons

SITREP: The group has attempted to organize collections for these items at least once this week but had to cancel due to security concerns. However, the social media accounts make it clear that the group still wants to hold the gear drives.

RECOMMENDATION: The above information should make it clear that, despite the success of local and state law enforcement in containing demonstrators in Austin last weekend, Antifa/BLM is not done in Texas. Given the call for such large quantities of potentially dangerous gear and the level of effort that is going into the gear drives, Antifa/BLM could still attempt to establish another CHAZ zone in Austin. 

Especially concerning is the request for nails and garden hoses. This suggests strongly that Antifa/BLM has the intention to destroy the tires of motorists and/or police vehicles to prevent them from being able to get away, making it far easier to attack the occupants.

Another frequently discussed Antifa/BLM goal on social media, is to fight for the release of the 40 activists who were arrested in Austin last weekend. These devices could certainly be used in Portland-like riots to pressure authorities for their release, or to pressure city officials for deeper cuts to the Austin Police Department. Which is another goal of activists in Austin. 

Either way, continued unrest in Austin, San Antonio, and other large Texas cities should be expected. 

Source: Peace in Austin has removed the tweet calling for nails and hoses.

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