SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: 21 JULY 2020-Body-cam footage showing the moment that Antifa/BLM and other rioters attacked Seattle police officers with “mortar type” fireworks, has been released.

At least a dozen officers were hurt as rioters swept through the city on Sunday, attacking a courthouse, smashing a Starbucks, and looting an Amazon store. The rioters also attacked the West & East precincts of the Seattle Police Department.

One officer took fragmentation wounds to the neck and throat area.


WASHINGTON: 21 JULY 2020-The Department of Homeland Security has announced that 38 of the agents protecting federal buildings from Antifa militants in Portland, have been doxxed.

Radical groups gained the personal information of the officers and put it online, greatly increasing the chances of potentially violent reprisals against them and their families.

The DHS also, in a report obtained by the Associated Press, said that a nationwide effort to dox law enforcement officials is now taking place. Several high-ranking law enforcement officers in New York, Atlanta, Boston, and Washington, have had their information put online. In addition, officers in California and Kentucky have also been doxxed.

PORTLAND, OREGON: 21 JULY 2020-Footage emerged on Monday of Antifa militants attacking a federal officer in an attempt to free another Antifa militant. The officer is swarmed by attackers and the person he was trying to arrest gets away.

Unlike the Portland Police Department, who have been told to not engage with the rioters, federal officers continue to make arrests. Or, in this case, they try to.


PORTLAND, OREGON: 21 JULY 2020-One of the big stories from the weekend was the “Wall of Moms,” who joined arms and stood between federal officers and rioters in front of the courthouse in Portland. You know, because nothing says revolution like hiding behind your mom.

On Monday footage emerged of a couple of the “Mom’s” taking part in the riot after the group had posed for their photo-op. WATCH:

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