DOI: 8/7/2020

SIGACTS: In July 2020, the media wing of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) disseminated a video encouraging extremists to conduct arson attacks across the United States.

SITREP: In July 2020, ISIS’ media wing, through its publications Dabiq and al-Naba published an article encouraging supporters to conduct arson attacks in support of the group’s efforts to cause damage to United States interests. Some speculation has linked ISIS publications’ calls for arson to some of the major wildfires in recent U.S. history, including the deadly Camp Fire in 2018. A target map at the end of the video suggests forest fires in the western United States, factory blazes in Canada, burning buildings in Europe, and agricultural fires in South America.

RECOMM: ISIS is seeking to encourage any likeminded extremists in the United States to act on their behalf to cause destruction throughout the country. Arson does not require a significant amount of resources and can be conducted by a single individual, making it more difficult to identify and prevent while causing widespread damage and panic. Recent violent protests and riots have show that elements of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are willing to use incendiary devices and homemade explosives, and this guidance from ISIS may inspire them to increase these activities.


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