Richmond, VA –On 15 AUG, Black Lives Matter 757 is planning a Black Guns
Matter 2A Rally at the Richmond Capital.

SIGACT: On 25, JUL, BLM757 organized an event in Richmond, VA that turned violent. Marching to a Police Station to confront and antagonize Police, intimidating bystanders, causing a vehicle crash, setting fire to a public works vehicle, vandalizing businesses, and obstructing traffic. BLM757 is known for violent events, they are known for radical ideology, and recently put out a call-to-arms. On 22, JUL, BLM757 announced their alliance with the “Boogaloo Bois” SRGC (South River Gun Club).

SITREP: The Black Guns Matter 2A rally being hosted by BLM757 and Black Guns Matter is focused on issues around 2A, No-Knock Warrants, and red flag law, and how those laws intersect with the black community.

RECONN: Attend at your own discretion. The likelihood of violence is low, however, just as was seen in Louisville, KY with the NFAC, there is serious potential for negligence. Reports from assets on the ground suggest that there are participants at these events who carry and behave irresponsibly and, in some cases, dangerously. Expect disruptions and delays in Richmond, particularly in the Capital area.

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