Black Lives Matter activists in San Antonio are planning a vigil to honor Garrett Foster, the armed BLM activist who was gunned down in Austin on 25 July. 

SIGACT: San Antonio has not been prone to the same levels of violence as other places in Texas, or nationally. Though, the group putting on the event is BLM-affiliated and the potential for violence is certainly there. Social media invites for the memorial have been extended to BLM/Antifa activists in Austin as well. Austin activists have been active in the harassment of private citizens and damaging public and private property during demonstrations. 

In addition, the invites call for all black attire. While it is not unusual for vigils to be attended by people wearing all black. However, Black Bloc is also the uniform of choice for Antifa/BLM when rioting.

SITREP: The vigil/demonstration is scheduled to take place at Travis Park (301 E Travis Street San Antonio, Texas 78205) at 1900 on 5 August. After assembling at Travis Park, it is believed that demonstrators will march to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at 451 Jefferson Street. 

RECOMMENDATION: Avoid Travis Park and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in San Antonio on 5 August.

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