The Star Power Blac Kollective is holding a “White Rage” march, a “pro-black” aimed at elevating blacks and standing against whites who are opposed to black success.

SIGACT: Star Power Blac Kollective began as a movement to enhance visibility and presence of blacks in the entertainment world. However, since the death of George Floyd, the group has morphed into a protest organizing force led by a a man named King Fafah. The group has focused its efforts on organizing in the Austin area and was one of the primary organizers of the marches in honor of Garrett Foster, the AK-47 toting BLM supporter who was shot and killed by an off-duty Fort Hood soldier on 25 July.

This is a BLM-affiliated organization and is not adverse to civil unrest.

SITREP: The protest is scheduled to begin at 1900 on 29 August. Demonstrators are directed to meet at 200 Walter Seaholm Drive Austin, Texas 78701.

RECOMMENDATION: The recommendation is to avoid the area around Seaholm Drive on 29 August.


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