Raleigh, NC

DOI: 8/28/2020

SIGACTS: 28 August-30 August 2020 Weekend of protests in Raleigh, NC.

SITREP: Two BLM-affiliated groups are planning a weekend of protests in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area. Beginning 7pm on Friday, August 28, 2020 “Smash Racism Raleigh” will conduct a protest and demonstrations outside the Wake County Courthouse. Additional protests throughout the weekend in Durham will be led by “Durham Burn/Bull City in Solidarity with Kenosha”. Other BLM-affiliated groups such as Raleigh PACT, Refund Raleigh, and NC BORN have put out notices to their followers asking for participation as well. N.C. Lieutenant Governor (and candidate for Governor) Dan Forrest has already called for the activation of the NC National Guard as downtown Raleigh prepares by boarding up shops and businesses.

RECOMM: The downtown areas of Raleigh and Durham should be avoided during the weekend. These protests and the resulting counter-protests have the potential for violence as seen recently in Kenosha, WI, when an armed counter-protestor killed two BLM protestors and wounded a third. 

Source: @SmashRacismRaleigh Twitter

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