Seattle, WA, October 30, 2020 / 1930 / BLM/Antifa Events at Cowen Park in University District

SIGACTS/SITREP: Two violent BLM/Antifa activist groups, Youth Liberation Front and Every Night Direct Demonstration, will be demonstrating at Cowen Park at 1930 on October 30, 2020. The recent death of Kevin Peterson, Jr. in Vancouver, Washington is likely to inflame the emotions of activists that will be in attendance.

RECOMMENDATION: The event planned for Cowen does not appear to be located near any municipal buildings or police stations, but both YLF and ENDD have repeatedly been involved in demonstrations that turned violent. Cowen Park is in a residential area in the University District and people travelling by or through the north end of the University District should avoid Cowen Park after 1900 on October 30, 2020.