ANN ARBOR, MI/ Oct. 24 / BLM Demands Action at Pioneer High School


Filed a 14 page complaint with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights based on a year-old complaint alleging a racially hostile environment for black students at Pioneer:

  • Economics class exercise requiring students to play an online game to see who could own the most slaves 
  • Receiving harsher punishments for doing the same things as white classmates
  • Being subjected to unequal enforcement of the school dress code by teachers and hall monitors
  • Discriminatory treatment of the Black Student Union and other predominantly Black organizations.
  • Want the district to create a race discrimination complaint system 

Pioneer High School has been designated a “Silver Medal School” by the U.S. News & World Report placing it in the top 11% nationally based on a four-step evaluation, which looks at students’ performance on required state tests, their graduation rates and their college readiness. 

Pioneer High School West Stadium Blvd west of South Main Street, is directly southwest of the University of Michigan Football Stadium 

80 people attended.  No reports of arrests or injuries