Seattle, Washington / 25 JUL 2020 / Seattle BLM Protest Calendar  

SITREP: Seattle BLM is planning daily demonstrations through the end of the year with demonstrations planned each day from 8:00 to 11:00 and 19:00 to 23:00.

RECOMMENDATION: Use caution in the King County Metro area as demonstrations will potentially target suburban areas outside of Seattle proper. Demonstrations planned in the vicinity of government buildings and in the area formerly known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (also known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Zone) present an increased risk for violence.


Black Lives Matter Google Calendar,

Seattle, Washington / 25 JUL 2020 / Activist Tactics Evolving

SITREP: Activists are listening to law enforcement radio communications over online scanner apps and websites to relay information via twitter to activists on the ground using various hashtags. Activists are also monitoring aerial traffic and studying law enforcement tactics to combat law enforcement.

Activists know that law enforcement are monitoring their tweets and know that the non-sympathetic groups are monitoring the #SeattleProtestComms tweets. These hashtags will likely change in the future.

RECOMMENDATION: Activist chatter should be monitored to track the evolution of their tactics and to learn how strategy is adapting.


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