SIGACT – Charlotte, NC: Charlotte continues to see sporadic BLM protests in the wake of the George Floyd shooting. Protests generally begin around Romare Bearden park and move through downtown. Other protests along Beatties Ford Road through the Third Ward, Oaklawn, and Lincoln Heights neighborhoods have seen violent demonstrations to include an unsolved mass shooting on 24 June 2020 which killed four and wounded 10. The tone has become less violent over the past several weeks, but the 2016 shooting of Keith Lamont Scott is still used to fan the flames. During the first wave of protests in early June, a group of protestors claimed to have been trapped by CMPD and fired upon by tear gas and pepper balls, leading to the city council voting to restrict the purchase of less-than-lethal ammunition with the 2021 budget.

SITREP – Charlotte remains a powder keg for future protests especially in the downtown area and along Beatties ford road in the vicinity of Lasalle Street/Lincoln Heights neighborhood. Councilman Braxton Williams was arrested during the June 1st protests and has been calling for defunding the police in the meantime. Charlotte will likely follow the trends of protests in other major cities.

RECOMMENDATION – Protests that start in downtown Charlotte typically end up with an attempt to block traffic on Interstate 277. Likely exits away from the protest area include south along I-77 and west along Independence Blvd. -LB

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