SIGACT – Wilmington, NC: Wilmington has seen Black Lives Matter protests on 17 and 21 July 2020 and will likely continue to see them in the future due to the recent high-profile firing of Wilmington Police Department officers over racially charged comments. Venues have included the Thalian Hall Center for Performing Arts and the 1898 Monument Square. Organizers Jazmin Trejo and Vannia Bautista of BLM Wilmington.

SITREP – The 21 July 2020 protest was a flash-style protest which happened with short notice at 5:30 PM EST on a Tuesday. This is a significant change from other protests which have occurred on the weekends and later in the evening. BLM Wilmington likely feels this style protest is more effective at capturing the attention of working-class people leaving the downtown Wilmington area.

RECOMMENDATION – Due to its location adjacent the Cape Fear River, downtown Wilmington essentially only has three primary routes of ingress/egress. These can easily be cut off and overwhelmed by a mob of protestors, so personnel in the downtown Wilmington NC area should take extra care to plan secondary and tertiary routes away from downtown.

Source – confidential.

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