Newport News, VA On Friday, 25 September, BLM757 is planning an event in Newport News.

SIGACT: BLM757 has been responsible for a myriad of disruptions in recent months to include a riot in Richmond, a riot in Virginia Beach, as well as multiple protests all over Hampton Roads. They have formed alliances with fringe groups, have called for the removal of government, and called their followers to arms.

SITREP: Given the recent rhetoric from Antifa and BLM supporters, along with the rhetoric and call for “radicalization” by the political elite, following the death of RBG, it is likely this event is a direct response to those calls. BLM757 is calling out President Trump while simultaneously calling for violence in their social media post. 

RECONN: As these groups become increasingly unhinged and increasingly armed, and as we get closer to the election, we can expect the temperature to rise. It is our recommendation that travel through Newport News be avoided Friday. Particularly the bridges/tunnels that lead to/from Norfolk and Smithfield. These are likely chokepoints. Direct violence may not happen, but it is anticipated if BLM757 are able to conjure the numbers.

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