Virginia Beach, VA On Saturday, 5 September, at 20:00 Hours (8pm EST) BLM757 is planning to Shut Down the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

SIGACT: SIGACT: BLM757 has been responsible for a myriad of disruptions in recent months to include a riot in Richmond, a riot in Virginia Beach, as well as multiple protests all over Hampton Roads. They have formed alliances with fringe groups, have called for the removal of government, and called their followers to arms.

SITREP: BLM757 has become increasingly active and increasingly radical. Given the current climate and previous actions, we assess that BLM757 will attempt to cause confrontation with Local Police. While violence is not anticipated at this particular event, they will no doubt be ready to do violence. There is an increased likelihood of 3rd party agitators finding their way into the mix to deliberately escalate tensions towards violence.RECONN: Avoid the Oceanfront if possible.

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