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Sample Friday Wrap Oct 15, 2021

Note: This is a sample of the Friday wrap up of the content that has been shared in the AmCon main site feed for the week of Oct, 15. The original article posted on the Members site has multiple links to additional content. As we wrap up this week I want to announce a...

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Planting with a Purpose

Have you considered, before you start planting, that your selection could have a purpose other than color, size and  full or partial sun? Curb appeal and beauty can be easily achieved with many plants that also serve a purpose to provide for you and your family....

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Mike Talks Decision Making

Mike’s assessment to understanding your personal parameters for when you decide to us lethal force. Focus on making split second decisions with a conscious effort. Use this decision point to mentally train for your own well being. It will have lasting effects on you...

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Personal Threat Assessment

You'll benefit from looking at your preparedness. The Personal Threat Assessment shared by Thom is a great starting point. This simple worksheet creates conversation around the "contingencies" specific to your life. You'll face different issues depending on geography...

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Happy birthday AmCon

The Birthday video from Mike posted at the end of this article recapped the first year at AmCon. Without AmCon it was a year unlike any other. Thankfully in the midst of that AmCon was born. From a concept of Americans working together in community to where...

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Yesterday we briefly looked at the path of a Member from joining AmCon to becoming a contributing Member of the Network. Along the way, Groups become a trusted training resource. Groups carry most of the responsibility for local events. Today’s post underscores the...

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Welcome to the American Contingency Community!

Welcome to the American Contingency Community!  The reason we created this organization was to create a trusted network of support and teach people training they might need to survive in today’s uncertain times.  With the recent defunding of the police in...

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