Understanding The Threat


The United States and the west have been under continuous Marxist assault since the early 1900’s. The so-called collapse of the Soviet Union led to the collapse of U.S. strategic imperative to counter communism allowing for Marxist forces to continue their assault indirectly via a variety of means while avoiding and/or having negated the ability of U.S. and western elements to counter this assault. The U.S. presented that last impediment to the goals of the globalist, Marxist nexus thus has been heavily targeted by the internationalists for destruction.


A variety of state and non-state actors, acting in collusion with international progressive elements, are currently seeking the overthrow of the United States and its republican system of government in order to establish a global, Marxist system of government. The establishment of a Marxist “new world order” has long been the goal of the international elite as it allows them total control of the global population allowing for the imposition of global government divorced from the will of the people.

International Marxist elements operating in conjunction with Islamofascist elements are conducting broad spectrum, global information operations in order to prepare the way for follow on kinetic activities the aim of which is to eliminate western opposition allowing for the establishment of the new global order.

*As our focus is the United States discussion and assessment will be limited in scope with some exception in order to allow for the targeting of information and intelligence applicable to CONUS based elements of concern.


  • International
  • China
  • Russia
  • Cuba
  • Venezuela
  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • AQ
  • ISIS
  • Hezbollah
  • National
  • Democratic Socialist of America
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Antifa
  • Freedom Road Socialist Organization
  • Liberation Road
  • Communist Party USA
  • Open Society Institute
  • Sunrise Movement
  • National Lawyers Guild
  • John Brown Gun Club
  • Redneck Revolt
  • 350.Org
  • Youth Liberation Front
  • NFAC
  • Nation of Islam
  • CAIR
  • Our Revolution

The list of front organizations operating within and/or focused on the United States is exhaustive. AMCON™ will continue to profile front organizations as they are identified.

It is IMPREATIVE that AMCON™ members understand threat strategy as all else (operational and tactical threats) flow from enemy strategy. A failure to understand threat forces, their strategy and follow on operational and tactical application will allow for the inability to target enemy activity in any meaningful way.

At the current time broad spectrum Information Operations are being utilized to:

  • Eliminate resistance to threat forces domination of the information battlespace via the utilization of mass media including; social media, traditional print and broadcast media
  • Cultural Marxism aka “cancel culture” has been utilized to eliminate known “influencers” aligned with traditional America
  • Targeting of traditional America in order to make vast segments of the population feel; Isolated, Alone, Wrong in their cultural beliefs and abandoned by the authorities
  • Targeting of disparate or fringe societal elements to cause further grievance in cultural elements allowing for a broadening of the wider “grievance” campaign
  • Continued protest and insurrection to demonstrate the weakness of our system of governance
  • Continued protest and insurrection to demonstrate the weakness of state security forces

Overall, this is an IPB and OPE exercise executed on behalf of the Marxist led insurgency allowing for the creation of conditions that allow for 1. Capitulation of traditional America 2. Kinetic civil war 3. Follow on introduction of foreign elements acting as “peacekeepers”

In order to update your strategic understanding the following resources are available and should be read, studied, watch and otherwise understood.

Origins of the 4th World War: JR Nyquist

Red Thread: Diana West

American Betrayal: Diana West



The material from Unconstrained Analytics is mandatory reading as it will allow you to understand how we arrived at our current condition. UA forecast threat forces IO campaign months before it went into execution.


JR Nyquist’s blog is a tremendous resource in regards to understanding threat forces intent and capabilities.


We have not arrived at the current time and place of on-going insurrection in the United States by accident or happenstance. Current threat forces activity has been well planned for and executed. You must NOT underestimate threat forces capabilities and capacities. Threat forces have existed for generations, are well funded, well placed across our society and currently enjoy momentum and freedom of movement. Your participation in American Contingency™ is part of the resistance to the Marxist led assault on these United States.


How Did We Get Here?

I often ask myself that very question. Lately it’s been in the middle of a deep sleep when stirred by a full bladder, a guaranteed way to never get back to sleep again.
How did we end up in such a volatile and toxic circumstance in the first place? Here are some thoughts…
Cell Phones: Our communication network is our cell phones and any of the many applications that you communicate on. I actually live this life with my business Fieldcraft every single day. Twitter that’s how we communicate to older-professionals (no offense), middle aged and younger on IG and Facebook, and kids on TikTok (we don’t use TikTok), but you get the point… we have multiple ways to blast short form communication to all of our following and out to the inter-webs and that’s where we begin to break down.
The same way women use yoga pants and asses to gain a following and popularity (not judging), people use WORDs to evoke and elicit emotion and a response. The more provocative and the more controversial, the more engagement you’ll recieve. Engagement in the business world is always good, because it creates culture, it creates groups, tribes, teams… and helps your bottom line. You want a successful following, simply build a team that wants to win.
You have wealthy powerful media companies all competing for the same thing attention. The longer they can keep you and hold you the more money they make. That’s essentially how it works, now here’s where it gets tricky. When you take a powerful machine and that machine is learning through algorithms you rapidly accelerate this process, but that’s not the issue. The issue is these companies are not only incentivized by money, but also by ideology. So instead of just a bottom line they skew the algorithm to affect behavior including political alliance based on their own ideation. This is where it gets dangerous… words used in algorithms that target specific demographics including race, age, gender can now be targeted thus leading to not only influence, but the weaponizing of humans.
This essentially is how marketing works, but now instead of marketing to grow our profit, we are marketing to change outcomes, recruit a team, and pitch an ideology to the masses. This isn’t just corporations it’s people, it’s groups, it’s organizations… you can do it right now by creating an ad on your Facebook Ads, or can you? So here’s is another inherent flaw in the system. Because the application is owned by liberal companies there is no prohibition for left leaning organizations, but you try to run an ad, it will get flagged and taken down. I know this because my own business was shut down from posting Ads on Facebook for a year, my YouTube account just recently demonetized, and my Instagram constantly flagged and blocked from content. Why? Because I’m considered a conservative, it’s that simple.
So essentially we only live through our phones, hell you are probably reading this on a phone. We look to our phone for influence, for answers, for solutions… and because of the incentives, we lose ourselves. We find ourselves down deep rabbit holes seeking dopamine hits just like a junkie.
So what do we do? Well if I was a billionaire I would start a real conservative platform, but there wouldn’t be any competition so what fun would that be, you see not only are we addicted to our phones but we find purpose in the movements, the causes, just like American Contingency™. The major difference is our movement is to prevent what weaponized words have done to weaponize people.
When words manifest themselves into movements and acts of violence and chaos, it’s time we step in and say enough is enough.
I’m glad you all are on our team, our side, because we are on the RIGHT side of history and I promise we won’t be losing this one.
Mike Glover, AC1 


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