Portland, OR / 8/30/20 / 0945 / Blue Lives Matter supporter shot and killed in downtown Portland Saturday evening 

SIGACTS/SITREP:  A man wearing Patriot Prayer and Blue Lives Matter clothing was shot and killed in downtown Portland following a car rally, supporting Donald Trump, that drove through the downtown area.

RECOMMENDATION:  We have the First Amendment right to protest, however, in todays heated political environment, with increasing escalation of violent incidents and a D.A. and Mayor in Portland who will not enforce law and order, you are literally taking your life in your hands by attempting to protest or counter protest in downtown Portland.  Attached below are links to the local news story, actual footage of the shooting and ANTIFA / BLM’s verbal response to the murder.  Do not wear any politically identifying gear in Portland as the video shows it was what drew attention to this victim by ANTIFA / BLM.  Avoid downtown, especially in the evening hours, and near all ‘protest’ areas.  

SOURCES: https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/08/1-person-shot-killed-near-downtown-portland-protests-saturday.html


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