solar panels on a roof

Six Alternate Power Sources for Emergencies

While electricity isn’t an issue in today’s modern world, it could become a precious commodity during an extended power outage. Here are six reliable sources of emergency power that you can use to charge your devices, power appliances and keep the lights burning on your homestead.

Family Emergency Plans

Having a contact list and practicing drills with our loved ones goes a long way to ensure that our families are well-prepared to handle various crises that may arise.

surviving an earthquake

How to Survive an Earthquake

Earthquakes can occur anywhere in the world, and often without warning. In fact, according to the US Geological Survey, earthquakes are responsible for more than 90% of all natural disaster fatalities.


Preparing for a Hurricane

Hurricanes are not just a coastal problem. Rain, wind, water and even tornadoes could happen far inland from where a hurricane or tropical storm makes landfall.

wood stove

Staying warm in the winter

The wind is shaking the windows and howling through the fireplace. You look outside and it is not inviting. The chatter in the house is restless and you want everyone …