Communities of Color United (CCU) is holding a protest against the Austin Police Department and for municipal and police budget reform. 

SIGACT: The CCU is a social justice movement with the goal of defunding the police and rendering different forms of aid and health care to people of color. There is no known history of violence with this group.


When: 13 August from 1800-2200

Where: Austin City Hall, 310 W. 2nd Street 78701

RECOMMENDATION: While the CCU shares the same goals as Antifa/BLM, their means seem to be non-violent and peaceful. That being said, Antifa/BLM supporters could infiltrate the group and try to change that. 

Extreme caution should be used in the vicinity of Austin City Hall anyway, given the number of large protests that have occurred there for several weeks. This report should serve as a reminder to continue to use extreme caution.

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