Charlotte, NC

DOI: 8/21/2020

SIGACTS: A Black Lives Matter (BLM) affiliated group known as Charlotte Uprising is planning a week of protests in downtown Charlotte, NC. The protests were originally set to coincide with the Republican National Convention, also set to take place in Charlotte. Despite the cancellation of much of the RNC presence in Charlotte, CLT Uprising still intends to demonstrate and protest throughout the week of August 24-28. CLT Uprising is also hosting a weekend of workshops known as Nights of Action: Combat RNC, which take place August 21, 22, and 23 in Marshall Park, downtown Charlotte NC.

Other reporting has indicated far-right and neo-Nazi groups also intend on protesting in Charlotte during the RNC. These groups are typically heavily armed and the lack of an actual RNC to protest, combined with elements of BLM in the vicinity may create a violent situation.

SITREP: CLT Uprising is a BLM-affiliated group operating in the Charlotte, NC, area. Key leadership includes:

Ashley Williams (@ash_bash23), a transgender activist based out of Fayetteville, NC who is associated with an organization in Charlotte known as Jail Support. Jail Support ostensibly provides financial and employment aid to offenders who are out on bail. In reality, Jail Support functions as little more than a homeless camp in front of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse and has been associated with extortion attempts (see image 1). 

Gloria Merriweather is another organizer who has been affiliated with CLT Uprising since its inception in 2016, in the wake of the killing of Keith LaMont Scott.

RECOMM: Avoid downtown Charlotte for the duration of the proposed RNC, and Marshall Park specifically during the weekend of 21-23 August.

Source: @CLTUprising twitter and Facebook

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