SITREP 10/29/2020 Pennsylvania, PA

Police involved shooting in West Philadelphia, PA, has caused four nights of major civil unrest since the shooting. Walmart and other locations have been looted. Anyone recorded is being attacked (journalist recording non-facial data) just to show the public what is going on. The national guard has been deployed, but Police have been told to make no arrests on night 1. Night 2 was a different story with over 100 arrests. Many officers have been hurt handling the riots (Over 40). 

Half sticks of dynamite, propane tank torches, machetes, electric drills, bolt cutters, and a taser were found on Brian Larue and Eric Murray. Bomb squad and ATF verified these things. various ATMs around the city. The tools have been linked to the ATM hijackings in the last four days due to previous ATM hijackings using these tools.


Avoid going out in Philadelphia post sun-down. Previous reports show major Antifa groups possibly running meetings near a place called Lava in the city. A local resident was kind enough to record this and place on social media.