Highland Park, MI / Feb. 7, 2021  / Crime Surveillance System Expanded 


A crime surveillance program pioneered by Detroit and expanded to Ecorse is now being rolled out in Highland Park.  On Jan. 15th Highland Park installed the first of a planned 75 surveillance camera locations around the city.  Each business location features a flashing blue light on top of building to alert passers-by that a special anti-crime effort is being employed.  The cameras, located inside the business, transmit live video feeds to police officers in public safety buildings and patrol cars. The videos are also recorded.  Facial recognition software, although used in Detroit,  is being left out of the project in Highland Park due to activist’s concerns. The program is comprised of three phases:

  • Phase 1 – a single business installation is comprised of  four cameras at a cost of $2,000 which is paid by the business 
  • Phase 2 – features additional technology to permit business owners to monitor their establishments 
  • Phase 3 – outdoor speakers and a two-way microphone system where police can communicate with citizens or employees 





Detroit’s Project Green Light: https://detroitmi.gov/departments/police-department/project-green-light-detroit


DWB Petition to end facial recognition: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/end-facial-recognition



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