Deep Equity is Divisive and Demeaning

An Inside Look into [Non] Inclusivity Training in Public Education

Not long ago Tucker Carlson warned viewers about diversity training in public education. Within that segment he specifically mentioned Corwin Deep Equity, how it actually creates discrimination and divide under the teachings of inclusivity. He even pinpointed sections of the program’s curriculum that blatantly showed a racially-charged table of contents. He was not trying to attack anyone, despite the backlash from Progressives, but was warning parents about the rhetorical dangers that are superseding academics.

Parents did raise concerns for their children but their outcries fell on deaf ears. The very schoolboards and districts that accept their tax-dollars justified the expense. Now this program is becoming standard. Even as education becomes virtual because of recent events, so too has Corwin Deep Equity. Being someone directly immersed in public education, the divisiveness and demeaning nature of this newly adopted curriculum must be exposed—it is not inclusive but completely un-American, a violation of Civil Rights, and an abomination against human dignity.

Admittedly, what follows does not entail what is or is not happening in every school district nationwide, but heed warning with what is being experienced in some of the largest school districts in Arizona, for numerous schools here have adopted Corwin Deep Equity or are in the process. Still, understand that this unsettling reality affects everyone. If a red-turning-blue state like Arizona is willing to commit themselves to these overtly discriminatory programs, then your state and your school districts are just as vulnerable.

First, diversity training is mandatory. Teachers have to attend them in order to remain employed. The primary topics during these trainings and seminars are almost always about the dynamics of [white] privilege, the hierarchy of oppression, practices in restorative justice, and accepting our implicit biases.

Speaking of which, Deep Equity advocates for identitarianism. The reasoning is 1) an individual can discover their implicit bias once they have judged another individual based on their outward appearance and 2) once an implicit bias has been recognized, the individual can better acknowledge the culture and upbringing of whose outward appearance they have just judged. Then by acknowledging implicit bias exists within ourselves and within everyone, systemic oppression can be corrected.

Regarding privilege, diversity training also teaches privilege creates disparity. In order to solve this inequitable issue, the premise is people with disparities need to be uplifted by people with privilege. To do this, people with privilege need to first identify their privilege so they may then relinquish their privilege. Once certain privileges have been relinquished they may then be redistributed to those with disparities. The philosophy here is equal outcome requires unequal treatment.

Aside from how sadistic these beliefs are, the entirety of this is completely antithetical to Martin Luther King Junior and to American Civil Rights. In fact, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits race discrimination in education against students, teachers, administration, and curriculum. There is also the prohibited discrimination against gender in education, as implemented into law by Title IX of Education Amendments of 1973.

Though as contradictory as it sounds, Deep Equity is oddly allowed to violate Civil Rights because it is considered to be a program strengthening Civil Rights. The Department of Education allows schoolboards to adopt the diversity training curriculum without repercussion because of the Every Student Succeeds Act signed by President Obama in 2015. The Corwin Deep Equity website even cites language from the ESSA to federally protect their supposed scientifically-backed research.

The ESSA was written to correct an achievement gap exposed by the No Child Left Behind Act signed by then previous President Bush in 2001. The results of NCLB found certain communities and certain income demographics proved disparities existed in schooling, that quality education was not universal and that inequality in education resulted in disproportionate graduation rates and college acceptance.

The ESSA signed by President Obama included provisions that advanced equitable education in especially underperforming neighborhoods, where many students are often hindered by learning disabilities and protected under IDEA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and ADA.

Instead, our teachers are being mandated to attend trainings that are divisive and demeaning, where it has become commonplace to be harangued for expressing a differing opinion or remaining silent out of fear of being ostracized. Some have confided about their growing anxiety towards teaching with these newly adopted equity standards looming about. One teacher expressed how diversity training worsened their battle with depression.

The only reason Chandler Unified School District adopted diversity training for $418,000 was because a local high school football team was guilty of sexual assault against their freshman players. The families sued for millions and came to an undisclosed settlement. Then, soon after the settlement, an off-campus incident went viral involving junior high students chanting racial slurs at a house party.

Being a top-tier district in Arizona, Chandler Unified was tarnished and had to save face with their student demographic that makes up 51% White, 28% Hispanic, and 5% Black. Unfortunately, this welcoming of diversity training inspired Kyrene Schools to purchase the same Corwin Deep Equity program. Tempe Union now has diversity training and Scottsdale Unified is currently looking to fast-track the same Deep Equity model that both Chandler and Kyrene are using.

To conclude, parents, the solution is not home schooling. Although your child will receive a better and safer education, at some point they will have to interact with adults who were once students themselves and potentially exposed to diversity training if it ever becomes curriculum for the classroom.

The solution is being involved. Know what your children are learning about and know how they are being taught. Create a positive relationship with their teacher. If certain worries are reoccurring and patterns are beginning to develop do not be afraid to voice your concerns against school administration. Do not be afraid to talk to other parents who might be experiencing the same woes as you. Maintain records. Lawyer up if you must. Remember, these are your teachers who need you and these are your children who need you too.

Please do not allow another innocent generation to grow up lost and run amuck.

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