DETROIT, MI/ Sept 18 / Detroit Police and BLM Group Reach Agreement on Rules of Engagement


Status quo in tactics used by BLM and Detroit Police.  Agreement, approved by U.S. District Judge Laurie Michelson, appears to change nothing except eliminate the need for a preliminary injunction hearing scheduled for Sept. 29.  Both sides declaring victory:

  • Detroit Will Breathe has a moral victory
  • Detroit Police maintain status quo and provides opportunity for countersuit  


  • Sept. 4th Judge issued temporary restraining order prohibiting police from: using striking weapons, chemical agents, choke holds, tightening zip ties, mass arrests
  • Sept. 10th City sought amendment of the orignal order  to include: prohibition vandalizing property, throwing any objects at police officers, inciting violence, and loitering or blocking public roads and sidewalks, require protesters to obey police officers’ lawful commands, such as moving from one place to another or leaving a demonstration.
  • Sept. 16th the Judge denied a motion to ban violent protest activities , DPD agreed to be bound by the original temporary 14 – 28 day restraining order on some crowd control techniques
  • Sept. 18th agreement Rules of Engagement Agreement approved by judge.
  • Sept. 21 Detroit Will Breathe posted on their Facebook page: “ In federal court last week, Judge Michelson ordered an indefinite extension of Detroit Will Breathe’s temporary restraining order…”

No injuries or arrests reported



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