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How is american contingency funded?

American Contingency is a LLC that uses a subscription based model to help fund its mission of serving the community and facilitating training and informing its members



What’s the intent of American contingency?

Our mission is to inform, equip and train a class of Americans to be self-reliant, resilient, and prepared for any contingency.



Is american contingency like a militia?

NO, American Contingency IS NOT A MILITIA IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.  American Contingency is based on a network of better prepared citizens that can network to assist each other in emergencies, natural and man-made disasters, and doesn’t advocate for violence.

Is American contingency part of a boogaloo movement? 

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We are not anti-government. We are not anti-police. We are patriots that love our country and want to build strong communities.



what benefit will I get from being a member of american contingency?

We are building the infrastructure now to provide you with force protection analysis that will allow you to make a better decision for the protection and preparedness of your family no matter where you are. We are also working on an app that will allow you to network and assist your fellow citizens in distress no matter the circumstance.



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