Washington D. C.  / 27 August / Summary: Al Sharpton’s “Get Off My Neck March” is still happening but will be much smaller than anticipated. Buses, shuttles and hotels for out of towners are no longer going to be provided. Originally planned to have 100k+ protesters marching, NAC is now planning for closer to 10k protesters. Rhetoric on social media mentioning the march does not indicate planned violence, or many mentions of “FTP (F*ck The Police)”. However, the recent Wisconsin and Minneapolis riots combined with the riots surrounding the Republican National Convention, it is likely that the NANMOW march will attract rioters to this event. 

SITREP: The National Action Network (NAN, ran by Al Sharpton) is organizing a “Get Off Our Necks” March planned for 28 August, beginning at the Lincoln Memorial and ending at the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. The march is being co-organized by NAACP, National Urban League, and the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. The march is expected to draw a relatively large crowd (approx. 10k), with regionally aligned groups taking part in virtual marches (Las Vegas/Nevada, New York/New York, Montgomery/Alabama, among others.

RECOMMENDATION: Avoid D. C. area if possible. If travel through the area is necessary, avoid area mapped out below as those are the streets blocked off for the march.

SOURCES: https://nationalactionnetwork.net/; https://wtop.com/dc/2020/08/faq-everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-2020-march-on-washington/

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