Portland, OR / 8/15/2020 / 1950 / Gunshots reported as protesters and counter-protesters clash in Portland 

SIGACTS/SITREP:  Counter-protesters clashed with protesters Saturday afternoon that included mace and paintball guns being employed and eventually ended with 2 shots fired by an unknown party.  No injuries have been reported.

RECOMMENDATION:   Avoid the downtown area of Portland tonight and throughout the weekend. It would be best to exercise extreme caution in the downtown Portland area going forward as protesters have commented on Twitter that they believe “the seal on live ammunition fired by [name redacted]’s crew was broken (sic) We are now far more likely to see this sort of thing in the future”.

SOURCES: https://pamplinmedia.com/pt/9-news/477001-385512-gunshots-reported-as-protesters-clash-in-downtown-portland

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