Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes

Darkhorse Lodge work crew

L to R: AmCon members Patriot Pirate, Pit Bull, retreat founder Kirk Catherwood, and AmCon members The Sip, Mrs. Sip and the Gatekeeper.

American Contingency members believe it’s important to help the communities we live in. All over the country you will often find them spending their time volunteering in one form or another.

Several AMCON members based in the Southeast helped Dark horse Lodge Combat Veterans Retreat in Springville, TN. The team of five spent two days correcting some electrical problems and installing a commercial kitchen hood system for the facility.

Dark horse Lodge, which is currently under construction, will be a retreat for combat veterans of all branches of service to come to Tennessee to relax, fish on Kentucky Lake, enjoy area activities and communicate with others who have walked in their boots – all at no cost.

Once completed, there will be five, 5-bedroom guest cabins, each room named for one of the 25 men lost from the Marine Corps’ 3/5, Darkhorse unit.

LCPL Alec E. Catherwood, USMC

The retreat is a labor of love for Gretchen and Kirk Catherwood, who are building it in memory of their son LCPL Alec E. Catherwood, USMC who was killed in action in Afghanistan on October 14, 2010 at 19 years of age.

Gatekeeper, a master electrician who helped in the effort, is already planning to return to the retreat in the summer to captain a pontoon boat for a week.

This is what American Contingency is all about – offering up our skills and time to meet the needs of those around us!

Combat veterans hold a special place in our hearts. The 25 brave men who selflessly gave their lives so that others may know freedom will be honored and remembered at Darkhorse Lodge for many years to come.