The vetting process is designed to work as a trust building block. By volunteering for a background check you are providing American Contingency with your verified identity and allowing us to ensure there are no issues in your personal history that may be problematic. Upon successful completion of the vetting process, you will receive a “star” on your Locals profile indicating to other members that your have been vetted and establishing a foundation for building a trusted relationship with those members.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click link below (at bottom of directions)
  2. Type in the password: Redwhiteblue1776
  3. Type in your real First Name and Last Name into correct spot and select “Login”
  4. A new screen will pop up orienting you to the site. You must scroll to the bottom and check all the boxes before a “begin” button will show up. Click “begin”.
  5. A new screen will come up requesting your information. At this point you will begin process of the background check.