The summer of 2020 was filled with protests, unrest, and violence. Racially charged protests and a highly contentious election cycle all led to a very volatile and emotionally charged environment. Americans across the country were digging in their heels yelling at one another that, “My way is the right way!”. In the midst of this chaos, one man, back on home soil after fighting for his country across the globe saw the tell-tale signs of disaster and he decided to take action.

American Contingency was founded on July 4th, 2020 by former Green Beret Mike Glover. Mike had seen first hand how political division could rapidly escalate into full blown conflict and he wanted no part of that for his country. On July 9th Mike posted a video on YouTube entitled Get Off the Bench that encouraged regular, everyday Americans to get off the bench and take a stand, to hold on to the values that underpinned the United States and our communities. He also launched an ad hoc social network on the network where Americans concerned for their country could gather and build a virtual community.

The response was literally overwhelming.

Within days of launching the network, thousands of people were joining each day. The demand quickly outstripped the capacity of the small team Mike had assembled to the growing pains began. For the next several months the team worked diligently to pull together the resources and the capabilities to deliver on the promises made in the Get Off the Bench video. All of this while the conflict of the summer and the results of the election carried over into the new year.

Since then, we have come a long way. From the comments section of a YouTube video to a full-fledged membership platform, complete with our own website and phone apps, that allow us to connect, build community, share ideas, exchange products and services, and receive critical information and situational awareness when necessary.

We have built a nationwide support structure, created local, state and regional organizations, and we have come to the aid of our fellow members when needed.

We have donated tens of thousands of dollars to help our communities when they were devastated by natural disasters.

We have developed a nationwide network of communicators dedicated to standing up and operating an information backbone during emergencies. And through the work of the AHRN team members, we are successfully reaching out to others in the amateur radio community to grow our footprint! Not to mention the new Elmers program that leverages the skills of more experienced amateur operators to help new and aspiring operators get on the air!

We have members that joined us filled with anxiety over what could be and only “the system” to rely on should the worst happen. Now they possess a quiet confidence that they are prepared for most situations and have a safety net that stretches to all corners of the country should they need it!

Our vetting program helps establish the baseline trust we have with one another. Without this trust it would be nearly impossible to build the strong, lifetime relationships that make American Contingency!

We have reduced the cruft and negativity that was so pervasive on the Locals platform and now, whether online or in-person, I see our members living out our value of Respect Over Contempt!

We see members getting involved in their local communities, some in small ways, others in very big ways…demonstrating leadership and commitment to keep the American Community that we all desire!

And we see a commitment to one another, truly demonstrating that, while we are all individuals, we don’t have to face the future alone! With more than 100 individual geographic and interest based groups on the platform, there is truly something for everyone regardless of your location, interests, or level of experience!

And with all this that YOU have accomplished, there is still more to come!