Boise, ID, November 13, 2020 / ID Governor Announces New COVID Restrictions

SIGACTS/SITREP: Gov. Brad Little announced Friday, November 13th, he’s moving Idaho back to Stage 2 of reopening as COVID-19 cases swell across the state, and mobilizing the Idaho National Guard to aid in the state’s response.

On Oct. 26, the governor moved the state back from the more-permissive Stage 4 to a modified Stage 3, imposing limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings and requiring social distancing and other measures. Friday’s announcement takes that further, prohibiting all gatherings of 10 or more people. Religious or political gatherings are exempted.

The new order doesn’t require any businesses or schools to close; bars, nightclubs and restaurants could continue to operate if they serve seated patrons only and observe precautions including spacing, as under the previous modified Stage 3 order.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little said Sunday that he’ll make an announcement Monday afternoon regarding COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, as the state again set a new record daily case rate.

*** A reliable source and AmCon member reported that Costco Stores in the Treasure Valley are now limiting Toilet Paper to 1 package per person, and appear to be out of stock since late last week.

RECOMMENDATION: Food supply shortages are not expected, but Idaho State residents should anticipate that the Governor’s announcement on Monday, 16 November, may impose more restrictions including a State wide mandatory Mask Mandate due to the state again setting a new record daily case rate.