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Portland – ANTIFA smashing windows of HQ of Democratic Party of Oregon.

Images from their march that started at Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon.

Biden signs 17 executive orders

On day one of his presidency, Biden signed a number of executive orders that reversed a number of policies put forth by the Trump administration. Some of the significant changes include rejoining the World Health Organization, rejoining the Paris Climate accords, revoking the Keystone XL pipeline permit, and terminating border wall construction.

You can read more details regarding the executive orders here: Biden executive orders: List of 17 actions to sign after Inauguration (

Democratic Senators To Be Sworn In

Democratic Senators-elect Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, both of Georgia and Alex Padilla of California will be sworn in. Senators-elect Warnock and Ossoff the recent winners of the special election in Georgia on 5 January 2021 and Alex Padilla is replacing Vice President Kamala Harris who resigned her California senate seat on 19 January 2021.

Watch live C-SPAN Senate Session here: Senate Session | (

Protests in Sacramento

View live feed of alleged antigovernmental protesters in Sacramento, CA on 20 JAN 2021. Protesters have gathered in downtown Sacramento near the state Capitol where California National Guardsmen are located.
(20+) Live | Facebook

Streets Flood in Downtown Philly

Exact location of flood and extent of flooding is unknown at this time.

Inauguration Day Protests

The following protests are scheduled on Inauguration Day:

Tucson, AZ: 
20 JAN, 10am Local, Viente de Agosto Park, Inauguration Day Protest.

Bay Area, CA:  20 JAN, 10am Local, Bay Area in Solidarity with Sacramento Against Fascism, “Black Liberation, Smash Fascism”, Meet at Neely Park, Sacramento, CA for car caravan to start point. Guidance states “Mask Up, Be Alert, Bloc Up”. Likely related to Antifa. 

Sacramento, CA: 20 JAN, 10am Local, Fremont Park. Antifa.

Denver, CO:  20 JAN, 10:30am Local, march to the capitol to counter-protest the Trump rally.  Cheesman Park, BLM/Antifa.

Los Angeles, CA:  20 JAN, 12 noon, Mask-less shopping near Mid-City, Los Angeles, CA. Protest against masks. No known associated organization.

Minneapolis, MN: 20 JAN, 5pm-7pm, “Inauguration Day Protest, We Demand A People’s Agenda”, E 32nd Street and 21st Avenue S.  March and rally. Organized by Anti-War Committee. Also advocated by Climate Justice Committee.

Portland, OR:  20 JAN, 2pm Local (meet), 3pm Local (move) at Revolution Hall 1300 SE Start Street, #203, Portland, OR 97214. This protest is advertised by PNW Youth Liberation Front as well as several Portland Protest Groups that align with Antifa/BLM. The message on the flyer says “F*ck the State, F*ck Biden, Landback. F*ck12, and shows a picture of the capitol building in flames (another flyer includes Biden’s face in the flames).

Seattle, WA:  

Seattle City Hall, 20 JAN, 11am Local, “artistic” demonstration. (No further details)

Occidental Park, 20 JAN, 4pm Local (meet), 5pm Local (march), anti-ICE demonstration, flyer calls for “direct action” (suggesting Antifa tactics will be used), and states “dress appropriately, be water” – simple guidance generally provide by Antifa groups that imply to wear black, cover your face, (black bloc) and be prepared for riot control measures.  

Unknown Locations: 

Calls for destruction against corporations that “assist” ICE.   Based on language used and imagery, likely Antifa.

Los Brown Berets release a call to action for “J20” (20 January 2021) against Proud Boys and ICE.

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