It Could Happen Again – Texas Power Outage 2021

We are coming up on the anniversary of the week that rocked the state of Texas. The snow and ice storm that shut down the state last February, the worst in decades, caught everyone off guard. “The storm’s “severity and its reach across the whole state of Texas and the length of it did catch lots of us all by surprise, myself included,” said Monty C. Dozier, director of the disaster assessment and recovery program at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. via:

While the likelihood of a statewide repeat of that storm this year is small it’s highly possible for a smaller local storm equally as impactful. We are already seeing reports of heavy snow falls around the country. How do you prepare for an extended power outage that includes bone crushing cold?

During an emergency, you need a reliable source of backup power that will last for days.

Not having a reliable source of backup power can be really dangerous during an emergency. When the grid is down, you need a backup plan that will keep you and your family safe and comfortable. The power outage was coupled with record low temperatures.

The intel Team put together this Generator Safety guide:

The AmCon PA Group has put together a comprehensive guide for selecting a generator. The information in this guide will equip you to make intelligent decisions before you purchase. Helping you understand your equipment with images and detailed instructions. If you’re in the market for an alternative power source please consult this guide as you consider your application. Use the button below to download your guide.

Just having an alternative power source isn’t enough. @northidahojack contributed this article follow a summer storm that knocked out power in his area. The issues are compounded as the temperatures drop to damgerous levels. Here are some lessons learned from the summer outage that are compounded in winter.

  • Only three houses had whole house generators – only one of them worked.
  • Remember your fridge food is probably good for 4-5 hours if NOT opened. [Editor’s note: when you are stranded with nothing to do you’ll visit the fridge – habit. Know your habits!]
  • Take the down time to do something with loved ones. We assembled ARs in the Rec Room until the sun went down even though our generator worked perfectly.

Your generator will require fuel @northidahojack wrote this article about fuel storage for Mobility, but the principles apply to your power source as well. You’re simply translating miles driven into hours of operation.

Note: It was this storm that caused me to give ear to AmCon. With friends scattered all over the state. Many of them caring for elderly parents or young children, Some with health conditions that would soon deteriorate without the necessary resources. I felt helpless! I stayed in touch but being 800 miles away there was little I could do. I kept thinking if “I had a network of like minded individuals that could manage a coordinated effort to help those who needed it.” AmCon is the network. When Thom shared with me the Vision, Mission and Values of AmCon I knew I had to be a part.

Weather will always be a force to be reckoned with. Having a contingency plan is an absolute necessary.