Mike Talks Decision Making

Mike’s assessment to understanding your personal parameters for when you decide to us lethal force. Focus on making split second decisions with a conscious effort. Use this decision point to mentally train for your own well being. It will have lasting effects on you and your decision making process.

The first part of the video is a scenario played out in which you are forced to make a decision or not to use lethal force. In the remainder of the video Mike focuses on the decision point. You need to play this over and over again. The proper mindset is essential prior to making the decision that will forever change your life. Being able to hit the target doesn’t prepare you for the process of pulling the trigger.

The decision to use deadly force is a difficult one, but it has the potential for saving lives. The importance of rehearsing scenario behavior cannot be underestimated as you stay aware in your surroundings and identify any trouble before it’s too late.

It’s far more likely that you’ll face other situations where an instant decision has life-saving consequences. HQ Staff has been talking about your Everyday Carry beyond a handgun. Do you take emergency equipment with you everytime you leave the house? That decision could be a life saving one.

It’s easier to make a decision in an instant if you’ve made that in your head a dozen times. Let me paraphrase Mike’s video, “Muscle memory can be trained at the range, but mental decision making also requires rehearsal.”


  • What to I carry every time I leave the house?
  • What can I do with my non-lethal EDC?
  • Where is the exit in the Restaurant?
  • Who in the room is carrying?
  • What weapon of opportunity can I grab at my son’s basketball practice?
  • Do have to walk past a blind alley to get back to the car?
  • Etc…

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