Hampton Roads, VABlack Lives Matter 757 is planning multiple events in the Hampton Roads area.

Source: Primary

SIGACT: On 25, JUL, BLM757 organized an event in Richmond, VA that turned violent. Marching to a Police Station to confront and antagonize Police, intimidating bystanders, causing a vehicle crash, setting fire to a public works vehicle, vandalizing businesses, and obstructing traffic. BLM757 is known for violent events, they are known for radical ideology, and recently put out a call-to-arms. On 22, JUL, BLM757 announced their alliance with the “Boogaloo Bois” SRGC (South River Gun Club).

SITREP: On Friday, 31 JUL, BLM757 is planning a rally in Williamsburg, VA. On Saturday, 1 AUG, “Our Sisters Keeper Movement” is planning an event for Newport News, VA. On Tuesday, 4 AUG, BLM757 is planning an event for Virginia Beach. Further updates will be provided for exact time and place when intelligence becomes available.

RECONN: Maintain situational awareness and check back for updates. Keep tabs on Local News for effected areas on these dates. Organizers intentionally divulge minimal information, only publishing specific information at the last minute in order to give Law Enforcement and the Public as little time to prepare as possible. Typically, these events occur after sundown, start in public gathering spaces such as parks, and move their way towards Police and other government buildings. We recommend caution in these areas. Intelligence indicates that many event participants are armed with a variety of non-conventional and conventional weaponry, including knives, handguns, and long guns.

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