Charlotte, NC

DOI: 10/10/2020

SIGACTS: Multiple Protests in Charlotte, NC.

SITREP: Multiple protests scheduled for the Charlotte, NC area on 10 October 2020. Starting at 1130, Charlotte Regional Republican Network is sponsoring a Bikers for Trump rally at 6220 Park Road. At 1830 on 10 October, CLT Uprising plans to hold a pro-BLM protest beginning at Romare Bearden Park. At 1800 on Sunday, 11 October, an anti-racist protest will be held at First Ward Park.

RECOMM: The protests are expected to be nonviolent, and protest activity in recent weeks has been fairly tame compared to other parts of the United States. However, the potential for conflict between two opposite groups protesting in close proximity to each other is high and AMCON personnel should exercise caution in these areas. Previous protests have spread from Uptown Charlotte as far as the South End and along Beatties Ford road. Personnel in the I-485 beltway should exercise sound judgement and proper situational awareness if traveling through these areas.

SOURCE: CLT Uprising Twitter, Charlotte Regional Republican Volunteer Network Facebook page.

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